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Your vision is the catalyst. It starts with you. You can see it … in fact, you can almost touch it and feel how its unique design defines the space. It’s PERFECT.

Your creativity is ALL possibility. Your creativity is the tangible first step of the extraordinary hotel foyer, the corporate headquarters as the city’s new direction, the ballroom that redefines “mesmerizing.”

You want a custom lighting partner with the creativity, engineering mojo, proven process, materials and specialist options to bring your possibility into a beautiful shining creation…

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Your Imagination + Our Resources. Perfect.

We believe that a custom light creation has to be done to perfection and provide the correct solution for your needs. We are passionate about what we do and we bring our vast experience of over twenty-five years of award winning lighting designs and product specifications to make your project successful and provide you with the best custom solutions on time and within budget.
Using our own network of select expert custom lighting fabricators, we work with you to design and fabricate exactly what you want. We pay close attention to detail, taking your concept through a series of checkpoints to insure that the end product will meet all of your expectations.
All custom lighting fixtures supplied by Louie Lighting carry a UL label and are available for use in any residential or commercial settings. Over the years, Louie Lighting has designed fixtures for projects from small residential sconces to large commercial chandeliers. Please contact us with your ideas and we will work closely with you to design your perfect custom lighting fixture.
Arie has provided custom lighting designs and fixtures for churches, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, nightclubs, synagogues, corporate offices, private homes and more.

Arie Custom Lighting

Here are a few advantages to custom lighting fixtures design and manufacturing:

  • Custom lighting fixtures can be made to exact shape and dimensions required. (If need to replicate existing light fixtures this can be done to perfection)
  • Custom light fixtures can be made from specific materials like brass or bronze to allow for longevity- this is normally a big advantage for outdoor and near the ocean settings.
  • We can apply the exact finish for your custom lights and samples would be sent first for client approval.
  • We can specify exact lamp type as needed for the application.
  • In cases where additional matching lights may be needed, new fixtures designs can be done to match the existing lighting fixtures designs.
  • Client has one reliable source for any lighting issues, design and modifications.
  • If needed, site visits can be coordinated to provide assistance with lighting design consultation or coordination by a senior lighting designer from Louie Lighting.

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