Custom Made Light Fixtures – Lighting Tips for Rooms

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A few practical lighting tips are enumerated below to ensure that your choice of custom made lighting fixtures gives you maximum mileage in terms of visual appeal and practical application:

  • Select the type of lighting: Choose the kind of light required – whether it be a single major source of light surrounded by minor ones or a number of diffused light sources.
  • For rooms with a high ceiling: For ceilings nine feet or higher, consider a two-tier custom chandeliers to fill the space from the fixture’s top to the ceiling and surround it with smaller custom lamps.
  • Dimmer: The use of a dimmer is advisable to provide control of the light level and atmosphere, it also helps to save on electricity costs. “Smart” dimmers, driven by microprocessors, offer convenience when you have several layers of light. These smart dimmers can be set to various ambiances – press one button for dining, another for lighting up homework, yet another for party-time, etc.
  • Working at home: For those who have a study area, remember that overhead lighting may work well for general studies, but in depth or close work demands more light – consider getting a desk lamp.

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