Latest Trends in Custom Made Chandeliers

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An attractive chandelier should always blend with the predominant decor and color scheme of the room. If the room is traditional, opt for chandeliers with more ornamentation and decorative details. If the room is modern, opt for lesser ornamentation and simpler details. Colorful chandeliers can create drama. Smaller ones provide elegance to small rooms. Even walk-in closets can be lit with a small custom made chandelier. So much so that beyond laundry rooms and garages, any room is an open target for hanging a chandelier. Of late, kitchens and bathrooms have become popular locations for chandeliers. People treat their bedrooms as luxurious personal spaces with elaborate bathroom areas, so it is not unreasonable to consider chandeliers there.

Chandeliers have also sized up to accommodate the soaring foyers and sweeping two-story spaces of larger homes. However, care should be taken that for two-story foyers, if there is a window above the front door, the chandelier should be centered so that it can be seen from outside. A trend toward smaller chandeliers and mini-chandeliers make it possible to incorporate these items into smaller rooms or areas in the home. At some places, mini-chandeliers are being grouped together, at others, they are being treated as sconces.


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