Why Opt. For Custom Lighting Services

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Lights – be they lamps, chandeliers or any others, such as sconces, etc., beautify any area they adorn. The foyer, for instance, is the first place guests see when visiting your home, and nothing makes a greater impression than an elegant and stylish custom made lamps (or chandelier, depending on the size of the foyer) illuminating it. Adding a personal touch and character to living spaces is what custom lighting services have to offer – you choose the design and the mix – they create the light to meet your vision.

The right kind of light eliminates the need for additional decor in the area – they serve a dual purpose – lighting up the area and decorating it with your personal signature. Any work space or area you wish to illuminate can be done with your choice of lighting and design, by opting for custom lighting services. Custom lighting can help you design the size, shape, color of the lamp shade and the bulb, based on the functionality or the age group. Our goal at Arie Designs is to provide value to our clients by creating reasonably priced custom lighting fixtures allowing maximum flexibility to modify the fixture to meet their needs and their aspirations.


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