Custom Lamps-For Those Who Value Their Individuality

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For the customers who desire individuality in the lighting of their home/office/restaurant/theater, the best option is custom lighting services provided by Arie Designs and backed by 25 years of experience in the field of providing custom made lighting fixtures. Before you set out to create a custom lamp shade, make sure that the vendor you choose meets the standards when it comes to service, quality and design. We emphasize that you’re not just buying a lamp; you are getting a decorative lighting fixture that is a piece of functional art. Custom lamps from Arie Designs give you a combination of beauty, harmony and the freedom of choice. You can choose the material, shade, color of light, size and dimensions which you desire.

Our technical experts are ever ready to provide their suggestions regarding the size, wattage, placement, number of lamps, color, etc., based on the area for which you desire the custom made lamps. Making a custom lamp involves designing the lamp, approving the prototype and taking delivery of the finished product. Though it looks like a simple 3-step process, but much time and care go into each custom light fixture. It is much more difficult than meets the eye. From the designing process to the customized assembly, it is an expensive and time-consuming  process. For this reason, the art of making individualized, custom lamps is a dying art. Many companies now sell quickly-made mass-produced imported lamps. Arie
Designs is one of the few custom lighting providers, who take the pains to find out what the customer needs, customizes the product to meet the customer’s needs and then delivers – all this at an affordable price and meeting stringent quality norms.


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