Factors Contributing To Success in Making a Custom Chandelier.

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A chandelier is a magnificent light fixture, which adds to the beauty and splendor of any room. A custom chandelier helps you personalize this magnificent lighting fixture to suit your tastes. To ensure that your custom made chandelier perfectly complements the room or area in which it will hang, we at Arie Designs place our expertise in custom lighting services at your service. The custom lighting projects by Arie Designs succeed for 2 reasons, which are, our talented people and their determination to overcome any challenge to make your project work – from design to manufacturing to installation. These two factors make Arie Designs the pre-eminent custom lighting manufacturers.

Our network of designers, manufacturing engineers, tool and die makers, welders, metal smiths, assemblers, painters and finishers bring an immense level of expertise and experience to their job. With in-depth knowledge of every step of the manufacturing process, they recognize and solve problems, resulting in effective control of quality, cost and schedule.

Simultaneously, the craftsmen are committed to getting the job done with creativity, skill and determination. We understand the competing demands of artistic vision, manufacturing, budget and timing. We collaborate with architects and designers to craft the concept into a feasible lighting fixture. We work with contractors to guarantee performance, ability to install, adherence to quality
norms (like UL certification, etc.), and on-time, on-budget delivery.


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