Pr-Requisites For Custom Lighting Manufacturers

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Any custom lighting manufacturers have to constantly meet and exceed high customer expectations through creativity, ingenuity and integrity. Customers are discerning enough to demand personalized service with quality at a competitive price. Custom lighting manufacturers transform the clients’ concepts into reality through a combination of teamwork, innovation and zeal to deliver – whether it is a custom made lamp, a custom chandelier or any other custom lighting fixture. They need to deliver to specifications, on time and within budget, to gain client confidence. With the help of our expert custom lighting fabricators, Arie Designs blends state of the art manufacturing processes with age-old craftsmanship to create custom lighting fixtures with quality and performance you demand, thereby bridging the gap between visualization and installation.

A successful custom lighting manufacturer needs to have a fully equipped manufacturing facility to be able to control both quality and lead time. Custom light manufacturing involves design, engineering, making of prototypes, in-house manufacturing and assembly, custom finishing and color matching. Not to forget the field technical staff for prior consultation and after-sales service. Custom lighting manufacturers succeed through talented people and their determination to overcome any challenge to make your project work – from design to manufacturing to installation. The range of technical manpower required includes designers, manufacturing engineers, craftsmen, tool and die makers, welders, metal smiths, assemblers, painters and finishers.


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