Tips For Designing Custom Lighting Fixtures

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Installing custom lighting fixtures imparts a personal taste to the area. At the same time, one must take care to see that the quantity of light is not compromised in the zeal to focus on the design. To get the best balance of illumination in most public areas, experts generally opt for layers of light. A single source of light cannot function for multiple uses. For example, if a custom made chandelier is bright enough to illuminate a room, then it might be too bright for comfort when dining. Likewise, if the chandelier is comfortable on the eyes during dining, it may be too dim and look flat during party-time. When choosing custom lighting  fixtures, start with a single large lighting fixture such as a custom chandelier in the
middle of the room, and then proceed to custom lamps or other accent lights around this central fixture.

Any competent custom lighting services provider shall be able to guide you through the requirement given the size and the function of the room being lighted. Custom lighting manufacturers can also help you determine the correct amount of wattage to properly illuminate a room. For example, to get the wattage required for a 12’ by 16’ room, multiply the room dimensions to get your total square footage (12 x 16=192). Then multiply the square footage by 1.5 for total illumination needed (192 x 1.5 = 288 watts). For specific task lighting within a space (for instance, the light needed on an island in your kitchen) multiply the square footage of the island (example: 8 by 4=32 sq feet) by 2.5 = 80.


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