Can a single facility deliver high quality custom lighting in any materials you want, in all quantities, within any timeframes, at the right price, delivered anywhere in the world? We haven’t found that to be true.

What we do know is that if you forge strong relationships over several decades with select quality fabricators across the globe, each of which specializes in certain materials, processes and throughput, that you can deliver the highest level of satisfaction to a wide variety of clients with vastly different needs to all parts of the globe. That’s what we have, and do.

Based on your requirements and desires, we choose the fabricators for each project by their craftsmanship, level of experience with materials and finishing, materials availability, quantity of fixtures and ability to replicate, production throughput, your budget and location, shipping costs and timeframes.

Our ability to compare and select from among our network of fabricators allows us to deliver to you with reliability, dependability and quality within your budget.

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