Materials are central to the integrity of your custom design.

We work with the widest range of known custom materials, are constantly sourcing new materials and processes, and employ specialists rather than generalists in our materials fabrication.

Materials Options: In addition, with our own design and fabrication experience, we can also offer options and advice to help ensure that the materials and design and custom fabrication you ultimately receive are the right ones for your project application, desired effect, wattage, climate and weather, environment, longevity, timing and budget.

Your Materials: We are open to working with Customer Provided Materials based on production conditions and quality control.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: The possibilities for materials are virtually endless. Have you something else in mind? ASK US about specific materials and if you’d like our opinion about the types of materials you have in mind.

With a 99% rate of perfection, Arie Custom Lighting cannot guarantee the consistency of materials used in the fabrication of our custom lighting products. We employ our considerable knowledge and discerning process, and take every possible measure to provide you with quality and uniform products.

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